Breeze of dark
snitch to our memory
Poachers of life gazing at me
but I’m holding up to take your glance Breeze of dark
Now fading again

I am still trying to figure out what to write in the description. Just had a question, why do I write always something related to dark, night, death? Someone said to me that it’s the way that you can express yourself. May be am empty for a light. Or maybe I found love in shadows. Yeah, could be possible.

Love isn’t limited to lives. It could go beyond things and even sometimes the things that don’t even exist. These affections can be questioned by society. But you can’t explain what is deep inside your soul, bursting out to confess. Things could be in this way. There is no issue with being different. Your love could be the sky, the moon, the squirrel from your garden.

I found passion between the pages, which has long starving tales. With those long twilights, yeah this is fun. At least for me! Songs of my like, and stars that fond me away.

Don’t blow on my poacher’s line, somewhere I heard that before even writing your journey of life, we had the script of our ends. Babye….


It’s been 1 one year of the covid pandemic hits the ground. We all are going through this together. We have lost so many loved ones, we have seen so much negligence and even judicious. We learn to survive like a bird in a cage. Gain the experience of how to function at home like mothers do every single day of life. From How to manage home to managing wealth without misusing it and saving for future needs. This pandemic shows us how nature is happy without our carelessness, how beautiful and clean it is.

In India, the lack of oxygen extravaganzas the importance of trees and the environment. We are killing ourselves. In these rapidly running lives, we miss taking care of ourselves and also the surrounding. Taking things carelessly specially nature is our enormous crime. Even after so much fear around us, some people are not taking it seriously.

So for this extreme hit of pandemic I wrote about this. SERENE

This about our calm past and now with tremendous fear. Black and white implicits the hate and love in our hearts. Have a read. Thank you.


Walking straight with my crown met you on a stair down. Your smile makes me realise, I drag it with strain.

You told me to fly, breath under the bright sky. But I can’t, coz I have to be Quiet. You met me again n again. Asking me if you could hold my hand. It’s been a year you are always by my side.

Finally, ask you to hold n be my Man. Wearing your ring the only I want. Now it’s reality am all yours. Soon I realise those shine on your eyes are not for mine. It’s the Crown your looking for being.

You try to push me away, you gave me bruises of trust and those whipping nights. But Darling, m the Queen this Thrown is mine. M dealing with trappers since I was 9.

I hold it right and lift my head even I am dying. I am impassive to the world, with No love and hate. Coz I the Queen walking dead.

Sorry for your loss, I can never be exiled.

Why Big Cat Attacking Humans

India is home to 80% of tigers in the world. In 2006 there were 1411 tigers which are increased to 2967 in 2018. According to the report the livestock population up by 4.6 % in 7 years. The state rank based on the population of tigers is our first Madhya Pradesh with 526 second Karnataka 524 third Uttrakhand 442 according to the report by 2019.

Has India lost its biggest tiger forever?

Jay, India’s biggest tiger and beloved iconic tiger are dead? It has been four years straight there no clue about jay. The question is that how can the 250 kg big cat can disappear sudden, if he is dead why didn’t the forest department has his body yet.

The reason why big cats are attacking a human.

The region which belongs to the reserves and sanctuaries are frequently in news because of tiger cheetah or other big mammals attacks. Let’s begin this question from the news that had been on covers for a while. When a wild Tiger hunts two men in a week the local residential decided to take the law their hands a few days after news has been spotted the local villager beat the cat to death.

According to experts frequently, tigers a turning to human Prey is very rare but if there is a few cases why they are so.

1. Even after government passed a law to save the animals spacially mammals like Tiger, Panther, lion, Cheetah etc. The poachers perform illegal Hunting. There’s a mankind fact that if someone kill the group or family member The Other go wild which can be one reason to the man hunting.

2. The other one is the most effective and the main reason due which they attack humans. People are residing near the forest and reserves area as the area belongs to forest so these area can only allowed by government to be on sale Residency or any other projects.

The fact is that the big cat has its own territory and they don’t shift usually. A male adult Tiger has 60-100 km square and female adult has 20 km square approx area of territory when the project build in these territories. The mammal sometimes found it unusual and uncomfortable some Tiger due to fear enters in other Tiger’s territories and get into fight one of them killed and if some Tiger get panic after knowing their territory had been interrupted which result in man hunting.

So in these two cases whom we can turn to be guilty among the all human brains are found to be more expressive and smarter.


The night has fallen, moon shower’s the path my life has begun, with all those orbs

Hi… I am pooja Sheerin, 21 years old. Leading to final graduation sem. Right now am at home. Otherwise, you can find me at my hostel, hanging out with my window talking to the endless glimmer in the sky.

I have a habit of dawn walk. I walk and walk all alone and be just in my fiction. Asking the glean, where the end lies, have seen in a while. Wondering my world to be like my imagination. Me with a Twilight sight.

“Hey, are you gonna walk all night? Don’t you have any work to do? Don’t you have sense girl, it’s too dark outside”? I turned back, she’s my mom. “Dinner is ready. If you like to run, go after dinner. We even don’t want to bear you.” Mom said.

Back to my room to change, but this dawn walk gives me something to write. Turning on the lamp, curious to write my words that are ready to slip out from my mind.

I need to behold, Walking on a long Sunway road, just pale grass beneath following the dawn……

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